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Netley House, Gomshall, Guildford, Surrey, GU5 9QA

The New Bond Street façade in the Mayfair area was surveyed using a cherry picker.

May 2015

The month opened with the tragic events at Clandon Park. The smoke resulting from the almost total loss of the fabric was witnessed from H+R’s main office at Netley House. One member of H+R, who is a retained fireman, worked through the night controlling the blaze and still reported at 9:00am the next day as usual for his day job as an H+R surveyor! The loss at Clandon is felt very keenly in the local area.

H+R have regrettably been responsible for three days of busy road closures in the Mayfair area due to Cherrypicker deployment for a façade survey. Our surveyors put in extra time over the weekend to help limit disruption.

It was a privilege to visit a private house project in Richmond near our current activities at Royal Star and Garter. The 1800s mansion is to be comprehensively refurbished with H+R’s help. It is the biggest private home in Richmond and includes the longest private gallery space constructed in the 20th Century.

The clear result from the General Election immediately led to a surge of enquiries and project confirmation, especially in the premier residential districts of London. The increase in work experienced over the last year is set to continue.